Diet Preparation

About Smithers Viscient Diet Preparation:

Smithers Viscient offers diet preparation and analytical services for rodent, avian, and fish testing.

Diets can be mixed with test articles in solution or solid state at desired concentrations. Dosed feed
production capability exceeds 2,000 kg per year. We have conducted studies that require diet
preparation since 1992. These diets were prepared for a variety of species including ducks, quail,
passerines, catfish and rodents.


• Feed acquisition
• Test substance preparation – Solutions/suspensions prepared for feed mixing
• Feed and test substance mixed via Schatz inversion kinematic motion, generated by a Max Sphere®
inversion mixer
• Equipped to handle challenges associated with incorporating either liquid solutions or dry test
substances into basal feeds
• Capable of achieving excellent homogeneity with low coefficient of variation
• Final stages of diet preparation conducted within positive-pressure air flow through HEPA filtration
• Prepared diets (pelletized or meal form) packaged and labeled by dose level
• Optional: Diets pelletized via non-heated extrusion and air-dried