November 04 2018 — November 08 2018

Visit us in booth #400 at the SETAC North America Annual Meeting, November 4-8 in Sacramento, CA. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment at SETAC.

Download a handout listing the Smithers Viscient SETAC presentation dates and times. 

Smithers Viscient Presentations at the 2018 SETAC North America Meeting:
Title  Type  Presenter(s) Date/Time
Evaluating Risk of Plant Protection Products to Benthic Invertebrates: Is There Harmonization of Protection Goals in lieu of Harmonized Guidance? Platform Michael Bradley Monday, November 5 1:00 PM
A Proposed Method of a priori Selection of Brood Area to be Monitored in a Brood Termination Study Poster Alison Warmkessel, Sara Ma Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
An Examination of Historical Control Data and Endpoint Sensitivity for Tier I Honey Bee Laboratory Studies Poster Christian Picard Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
New Daphnia magna Historical Control Data Needed to Evaluate Chronic Study Results Poster Ariel Shaw Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
Safety Testing Strategies to Evaluate the Potential Effects of Bio-pesticides Used in Crop Protection Products on Aquatic Organisms Platform Alison Fournier Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
A Review of the Time to Hatch Endpoint in Fish Early Life-Stage Studies with Fathead Minnow Poster Leo Fernandes Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
Consideration of Species Selection and Endpoint Design in the Construction of Species Sensitivity Distributions Poster Michael Bradley Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
Lowering of the Concentration Range of the Ready Biodegradability Method OECD 301B Poster Kalumbu Malekani Tuesday, November 6 8:00 AM
Translocation of [14C] Plant Protection Product in Tomato:  Evaluation of Foliar and Soil Application by Autoradiography Platform Samuel Freedlander Thursday, November 8 8:00 AM
Atypical Length Responses in Mysid Chronic Testing Poster Lee Sayers Thursday, November 8 2:15 PM


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