Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

About Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Services:

Smithers Viscient offers a full terrestrial toxicology testing program guideline with studies routinely performed on test organisms including terrestrial plants, beneficial arthropods, terrestrial insects and invertebrates, earthworms, and soil microflora. By taking advantage of Smithers Viscient’s sophisticated chemistry instrumentation, studies may also incorporate analytical chemistry and residue analysis, especially in the higher tier tests. 

Smithers-ladybug on a daisy

Smithers Viscient’s Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Expertise:

Smithers Viscient has the expertise necessary to design unique studies to meet your specific testing needs. Smithers Viscient’s Wareham and Harrogate facilities both include free-standing greenhouses, the two at Wareham comprising a growing area of over 1100 square feet.

Smithers Viscient was one of the first laboratories to introduce reproduction tests with the red manure worm (Eisenia fetida). In addition, we developed an exposure system for honey bee research which closely simulates natural organism behavior observed within the hive by allowing direct and continuous contact between the test organisms (worker honeybees) and a queen honeybee.

Other Research Projects Outside of Industry Round Robin Testing Programs:

Smithers Viscient has developed insect assays with Orius sp. and Monarch butterfly caterpillar for testing of pollen exposures.


Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Guidelines:

  • Ecological Effects Test Guidelines OCSPP 850.4100: Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth
  • Ecological Effects Test Guidelines OCSPP 850.4150: Vegetative Vigor
  • OECD 208: Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth Test
  • OECD 227: Terrestrial Plant Test: Vegetative Vigour Test
  • OECD 207: Earthworm Acute
  • OECD 222: Earthworm Reproduction Test
  • OCSPP 850.3100: Earthworm Subchronic Toxicity Test
  • ISO 11267: Inhibition of Reproduction of Collembola (Folsomia candida) by Soil Contaminants
  • OECD 232:  Collembolan Reproduction Test in Soil
  • OPPTS 885.4340: Microbial Pesticide, Non-target Insect Testing, Tier I
  • OPPTS 885.4380: Microbial Pesticide, Honey Bee Testing, Tier I


Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Equipment and Instrumentation includes:

Smithers Viscient has reliable sources of seeds for multiple varieties of terrestrial plant species used in testing. Our laboratory is equipped with an overhead agricultural spray system designed to expose terrestrial plants to an accurate amount of material equivalent to field application rates.