Avian & Wildlife Toxicology

About Avian and Wildlife Toxicology:

Avian and wildlife toxicology programs include toxicity testing, non-target organism pesticide exposure characterization, risk assessment, and avian endocrine disruption.

We offer chicken and catfish feeding studies to assess the nutritional equivalency and safety of feed developed from genetically modified plant material as compared to conventional commercial feed. We offer pesticide exposure characterization and risk assessment as well as a variety of field studies. Field studies may be conducted on remote agricultural field sites or on study plots, in microcosm ponds or in large outdoor aviaries established on our 50-acre property. 

Smithers-eggs in a nest

Smithers Viscient’s Avian and Wildlife Toxicology Expertise:

The experience and capabilities of our staff include a broad spectrum of study designs and options. Smithers Viscient is proud to have an authoritative reputation for Ecological Risk Assessment and Environmental Consulting. Smithers Viscient can provide deterministic and probabilistic risk assessments with relevance to avian species on insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Our scientists have been prominent in national and international efforts to develop probabilistic risk assessment methods for pesticide registration.

Smithers Viscient has garnered a reputation for developing unique, study designs tailors to our client’s specific research needs.


Our facility is equipped to perform:

  • One and two-generational reproduction studies
  • Dietary toxicity (LC50) studies
  • Acute oral toxicity studies (LD50)
  • Tier 2 endocrine disruptor testing



  • Mallard ducks
  • Japanese quail
  • Canaries
  • Zebra finches


Testing the Safety of Genetically Modified Products (GMP) in Animals:

Smithers Viscient conducts standardized feeding studies with chickens and catfish in which the general health and growth of the test animals fed diets containing GM products is compared to that of test animals fed diets containing non GM products. For the GMP chicken and catfish studies, Smithers Viscient will manufacture the diets in-house and manage all sampling and nutritional analyses.


Avian and Wildlife Toxicology Guidelines:

Smithers Viscient routinely accommodates exploratory trials to gather product or strain development information, and conforms to all OPPTS, OECD, and JMAFF regulations that govern those tests.