May 26 2019 — May 30 2019
Meet our Scientists and Business Development Team on stand 14-16 at SETAC Europe, 26-29 May 2019, Helsinki, Finland.
Smithers Scientists from Harrogate, UK and Wareham, US will present posters and talks on a variety of current environmental topics including:

Smithers Viscient Presentations at the 2019 SETAC Europe Meeting:

  Title                                                          Type                        Presenter                      Date 
  To read the abstract, click the link below: To receive a copy, click the link below:    
Staggs,-Melissa.jpg Higher Tier Testing-When Reality Does Not Meet Expectations:  A Tale of Two Copepods Platform Melissa Staggs Monday 27th May @ 9:05 AM
McLaughlin,-Sean.JPG The Biodegradability of Acetaminophen Using Multiple OECD 301 Guidelines and the OECD 307 Guideline Poster Sean McLaughlin Monday 27th May @ 8:30 AM
Goodband,-Tracey.jpg Fish Extended One Generation Reproduction Test: A Comparison Between Medaka and Fathead Minnow Platform Tracey Goodband Tuesday 28th May @ 2:15 PM
Kirkwood,-Ashlee.jpg Aquatic Plant Exposures-The Complexities of Higher Tier Testing Platform Ashlee Kirkwood Tuesday 28th May @ 9:50 AM
Mumford,-Rory.jpg Evaluations of In-Vitro Plant Metabolism as a Tool To Aid Identification of Metabolites from Crop Metabolism Studies Poster Rory Mumford Tuesday 28th May @ 8:30 AM
Cooper,-Thea.jpg Comparison of Soil Photolysis in Dry And Moist Soil Layers Poster Thea Cooper Tuesday 28th May @ 8:30 AM
Softcheck,-Katherina.jpg The Effects of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill on Marine Microalgae-A Comparison of Species Sensitivity Platform Katherina Softcheck Wednesday 29th May @ 11:55 AM
Copies of the poster and platform presentations will be available post event, to register your request, click here

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