Feeding Studies Infographic: OECD 505 / OCSPP 860.1480: Residue in Livestock

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There are many options to be considered when designing a livestock residue study, so Smithers has created a handy reference guide to illustrate the progression of a feeding study, this includes:

  • What to analyse
  • Understanding what to dose
  • Concentrations levels
The guide explains the Smithers approach- from method development to final study report - including overall timeframe.

Smithers Viscient assists with the initial determination of need for a feeding study based on animal intake calculations, residue definition, potential to bioaccumulate and indicated levels from metabolism studies.

The Smithers team has vast experience with differing chemical classes, method development and problem solving and a wide variety of extraction and clean-up techniques and is a premier provider of feeding studies offering solid analytical solutions, expert advice and timely communications.