May 07 2017 — May 11 2017

The Scientific Committee is dedicated to build a not-to-be-missed scientific programme. Given the complexity of multiple stressors (chemical, biological, physical) and stressor combinations in the environment, and the vast amount of biodiversity requiring protection (species,  ecosystem structure and functioning), the key to successful and efficient environmental quality management will hinge upon transdisciplinary collaboration between environmental and human toxicologists, environmental chemists, and scientists and policy-makers from a diversity of disciplines, including conservation biology, ecology, human health, engineering, sociology, law, and economy.

The overarching theme of the meeting is therefore “environmental quality through transdisciplinary collaboration”.

As such, the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Brussels will be the number one meeting place in 2017 on environmental science, where ecotoxicology, toxicology, environmental and human exposure, risk assessment and management, environmental policy and economics, and life cycle assessment topics will be presented. We are sure that this will stimulate discussion and debate among academia, business, industry and government representatives and will enable valuable inter- and transdisciplinary networking.

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