Report Writer, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States


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Report Writer, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States

Posted: 27 March 2018

Job Summary
Responsible for preparation of a variety of technical study reports from raw data produced in the laboratory, in addition to compiling and accurately incorporating comments from several different sources of review to produce a draft report suitable to issue to the Study Sponsor.  Senior Report Writers are proficient in template development for a variety of study types, and are considerably autonomous.    Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. A wide degree of creativity and independence is expected since assignments are performed with little to no supervision of daily activities.  Technical documents do not require supervisory review; however, from time to time the Senior Report Writer will seek second opinions on technical documentation issues.  Will also be expected to lead and direct the work of others. Employee will be assisting in peer review for report specialists and report associates.
The employee is routinely required to draft reports for studies in which no template is available.  Employee is expected to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of technically challenging studies and attention to detail.  Individual is expected to compile information from many different data books into a study report suitable for technical review.  Individual is routinely required to verbally communicate independently with Study Directors and other staff members regarding study details.    Individual must have attention to detail, be skillful in reading and understanding data recorded in a variety of data books, an advanced knowledge of technical terminology and the ability to balance multiple priorities.  Employee must have demonstrated skill in developing report templates.  Employee is required to assist in training new employees.  Employee is expected to be able to function at a high level of productivity. 

  1. Job Duties 
Essential Functions
  1. Prepares study reports from data presented in technical format that meets guideline requirements.
  2. Compiles and incorporates comments from several different levels of review.
  3. Responsible for tailoring reports using Sponsor-specific requirements and/or electronic templates.
  4. Responsible for creating graphical representations of data as needed.
  5. Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and SigmaPlot graphics software.
  6. Responsible for performing duties associated with issuing draft/final reports to Sponsors (printing, copying, send via email or UPS, ACCESS database updates)
  7. Responsible for tracking progress of assigned reports (CORTEX assists with this function however if not updated daily, technical writers are still responsible for knowing the review locations of their assignments).
  8. Responsible for tracking Sponsor correspondence regarding assigned reports.
  9. Must be proficient in template development.
  10. Must demonstrate in-depth understanding of technically challenging laboratory procedures.
  11. Must be able to assist in training new personnel, therefore must possess excellent communication skills.
  12. Perform peer reviews of other writers' work, which include format evaluation, Sponsor specific evaluation, technical study component evaluation, adherence to requirements define in study protocols, and basic copy editing.  A high level of attention to detail is required.
  13. Additional duties as assigned. 
Ability to use a collection of data books to produce study reports [written comprehension].  Ability to understand all components of report content and combining this with technical understanding of the study, develop templates for unique study types [written comprehension, memorizing, discriminating]. Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment, prioritizing varied work assignments as directed by supervisor [high productivity].  Must be able to interact with all members of staff regarding matters of reporting [oral expression, oral comprehension].  Ability to integrate various requirements (Sponsor, reviewing Agency etc.) into standard report formats [discriminating, memorizing].  Must be able to understand technically difficult studies and applicable calculations [mathematical reasoning].  Ability to function in a non-secluded work environment with frequent disturbances [concentration].  Ability to train new employees in standard reporting procedures, and ability to perform peer reviews of other writers' work [oral expression, written expression].
Marginal Functions:
  1. Assist with report scheduling for the group as needed.
  2. Assist Study Directors in preparing scientific summaries/status reports as needed.
Physical Functions 
Sitting - 80%
Bending - <5%
Visual - 100%
Standing - 5%
Lifting - <5%
Walking - 10%
Word processing - 80% 
  1. Laboratory Safety
 1. Must be able to understand and follow laboratory safety standards. 

Job Specifications
BS or BA in a science/technical area, and a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience. In lieu of a degree, a minimum of 9 years of experience is acceptable. Incumbent must demonstrate professionalism, responsibility and dependability. Employee must be able to function productively in an independent manner, and establish themselves as a resource for the laboratory.  Employee must possess excellent organizational skills and demonstrate attention to detail.  Must be proficient in the use of the following office equipment: computers and writing and graphics software, copy machine, laser printer. 

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