Assistant Chemist, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States


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Assistant Chemist, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States

Posted: 19 June 2019

Job Summary
The person will assist in developing new methodology and new technologies for analysis of substances.  After method development, the Assistant Chemist is expected to transmit an understanding of the methods to the technical help.  Results of analyses supervised are compiled and reported to various personnel in the facility, as well as clients occasionally.  Duties include training technicians, performing routine maintenance of laboratory equipment, instrument calibration.  The Assistant Chemist is expected to fully understand the operations of each analysis he/she conducts and should be able to edit pertinent sections of draft reports.  Will be responsible for training and leading technicians.

  1. Job Duties
            Essential Functions:
  1. Validates and develops new testing methodologies.
  2. Conducts analyses or studies.
  3. Confirms calculations for quality control samples.
  4. Performs data handling and calculation of results.
  5. Trains and leads technicians.
  6. Provides summaries to program supervisors and study directors.
  7. Maintains selected equipment, primarily water baths, vacuum pumps, meters, and chromatographic systems.
  8. Additional duties as assigned.
Good technical writing skills in analytical chemistry [written and oral comprehension, written and oral expression].  Ability to integrate observations (visual and written, discrimination) into evaluation process.  College math [mathematical reasoning, memorizing].  Ability to work at a fast pace, prioritize work assignments and handle stress [high productivity].
            Marginal Functions:
  1. Orders chemicals and supplies for the department.
  2. Maintains inventory of needed supplies.
Physical Functions
            Sitting - 30%
            Standing - 70%
            Walking - 30%
            Writing - 50%
            Visual - 100%
  1. Chemical Safety
  1. Must be able to comprehend the potential hazards of the chemicals in use and adhere to the proper safety techniques as dictated by the Safety Manual and/or Management.
  1. Laboratory Safety
  1. Must be able to wear gloves, lab coat, eye protection, sleeves, hearing protection, pesticide suit, plastic booties, dust masks, a respirator and a face mask.
  1. Must be able to understand and follow laboratory safety standards.

Job Specifications
B.S. degree in chemistry or related field and 2-4 years of relevant laboratory experience. In lieu of a degree, 6-8 years of relevant experience in a laboratory setting. Proficient in documentation and procedures required by Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations and SSL Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  Proficient in using analytical balance, GC or HPLC, rotary evaporator and/or any laboratory equipment specified by supervisor.
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