Assistant Biologist, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States


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Assistant Biologist, Wareham, Massachusetts, United States

Posted: 19 June 2019

Job Summary
Position is expected to perform a variety of routine tasks in support of the conduct of normal laboratory operations. Further, the individual is expected to assist in coordinating testing requirements with supporting departments (i.e. chemistry staff, Quality Assurance and reporting). Performs a variety of routine, laboratory-based procedures. Responsible for understanding and routinely performing Standard Operating Procedures, study-specific protocol procedures and other laboratory assignments related to the testing that the individual is routinely associated with. Incumbent is able to apply a collective set of SOPs in order to assist in fully executing a study protocol.  Often, duties include recording instrument and apparatus readings, making observations of various biological effects in exposures and compiling study data books. Incumbent will be introduced to mathematical and statistical procedures used to reduce and analyze study data.  Responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the labs, storage and culture areas including maintenance and calibration of equipment used in any of these settings. May require routine involvement in seawater and/or sediment collection. Assignments are completed with minimal supervision.  Assists with organization, direction and training of technicians. Assists in coordinating internal requirements for testing (i.e. chemistry support, Quality Assurance, reporting). Employee is responsible for understanding and adhering to all safety and Good Laboratory Practice regulations and company policies.

  1. Job Duties
Essential Functions
  1. Must be able to work with balances, meters, pumps, stir plates, funnels, pipets, burets, heating plates, fume hoods and other standard laboratory equipment.
  2. Must be able to use pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, calculators, grinding wheel and other standard mechanical tools.
3.         Must be able to execute various glassware cleaning procedures used by the laboratory.
            4.         Must be able to work with environmental samples such as soils, plant tissue, animal tissues, water and sediment.  Once trained, must be able to culture test species and aid in testing.
  1. Must be able to work with test compounds (including radiolabeled materials), reference toxicants, solvents, detergents, acids, bases, resins, silicones and activated carbon.
  2. Must be able to perform calculations for dosing procedures.
  3. Become familiar with process of identifying and solving problems with physical test systems.
  4. Must be able to keep detailed, organized records and complete required documentation for the associated tests, in "real time."
  5. Will be introduced and must become familiar with use of spreadsheets and statistical software.
  6. Must understand and execute appropriate disposal of liquid and solid wastes.
  7. Additional duties as assigned.
Essential Functions Specific for Seawater Collection
  1. Must possess a valid driver's license.
  2. Must be able to pass a DOT physical examination.
  3. Must be able to drive a large truck (<25,000 GVW).
  4. Must be able to operate a standard transmission.
  5. Must be able to climb on and off bed of truck (4 ft. height).
  6. Must be able to operate a gasoline-powered water pump; including repetitive pulling to start engine (manual recoil).
  7. Must be able to maintain vehicle records (driving log, vehicle safety checks).
  8. Must be able to lift and carry equipment (pumps and hoses) over rough terrain (rocky beach); equipment must be on-loaded and off-loaded to the height of the truck bed (4 ft).
  9. Must be able to work for extended periods, outdoors in varied weather conditions (year-round).
  10. Must be able to perform routine maintenance on associated equipment (e.g., change plugs and oil on water pump, repair plumbing fixtures on truck and seawater tank, troubleshoot problems and consult with outside mechanics as needed.
The above duties may require employee to stand for long periods of time, function in a noisy work environment with frequent interruptions, and to reach to low and high storage areas and test systems.
            Marginal Functions
            1.         Be able to use a photocopy machine.
            2.         Data entry on a computer.
  1. Be able to perform duties with respirator on an as-needed basis.
  2. Be able to work more than 8 hours per day, as needed, as well as on weekend days if required.
            Physical Functions                                      
            Sitting - 20%                                                              
            Standing - 80%                                                          
            Walking - 50%                                                            
            Writing - 25%                                                            
            Visual - 100%                         
  1. Chemical Safety
  1. Must be able to comprehend the potential hazards of the chemicals in use and adhere to the proper safety techniques as dictated by the Safety Manual and/or Management.
  1. Laboratory Safety
  1. Must be able to wear gloves, lab coat, eye protection, sleeves, hearing protection, pesticide suit, plastic booties, dust masks, a respirator and a face mask.
  1. Must be able to understand and follow laboratory safety standards.

Job Specifications
B.S. degree in biology or related field and 6 months of relevant laboratory experience in a college setting preferred. In lieu of a degree, 4-5 years of relevant experience in a laboratory setting.
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