May 26 2019 — May 30 2019

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Smithers Viscient Presentations at the 2019 SETAC Europe


Title  Type  Presenter(s) Date
Higher Tier Testing-When Reality Does Not Meet Expectations:  A Tale of Two Copepods Platform Melissa Staggs Monday 27th May
The Biodegradability of Acetaminphen Using Multiple OECD 301 Guidelinas and the OECD 307 Guideline Poster Sean McLaughlin Monday 27th May
Fish Extended One Generation Reproduction Test: A Comparison Between Medaka and Fathead Minnow Platform Tracey Goodband Tuesday 28th May
Aquatic Plant Exposures-The Complexities of Higher Tier Testing Platform Ashlee Kirkwood Tuesday 28th May
Evaluations of In-Vitro Plant Metabolism As a Tool To Aid Identification Of Metabolites From Crop Metabolism Studies Poster Rory Mumford Tuesday 28th May
Comparison Of Soil Photolysis In Dry And Moist Soil Layers Poster Thea Cooper Tuesday 28th May
The Effects of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill on Marine Microalgae-A Comparison of Species Sensitivity Platform Katherina Softcheck Wednesday 29th May

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