July 17 2019 — July 17 2019

Feeding Studies Webinar - Residues in Livestock. Join us for this live webinar:

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Time: 2:30 PM British Summer Time

Duration: 1 hour

Registration: Webinar Registration

Presenters: Smith; Rebecca, Senior Research Chemist and Residue Chemistry Team Leader,  Nfon; Erick, Regulatory Scientist, Clipston; Alasdair, Director of Chemistry - Smithers Viscient and Ebke; Klaus Peter, Biologist and Managing Director – Mesocosm GmbH.

In-conjunction with Agrow - Agribusiness Intelligence / Informa

What will you learn:

Feeding Studies are an important component of the registration, Residues in Livestock. The USA, EU and Japan all require such testing, according to the following guidelines OECD 505 / OCSPP 860.1480. Scientific experts will discuss why a feeding study is required, including; radiolabeled metabolism studies, what to analyze, the importance of a dietary risk assessment and maximum residue levels. It will cover analytical and in-life considerations, radiovalidation analytical methodology and Independent Laboratory Validations (ILVs). The webinar will welcome a Guest Speaker from Mescocosm GmbH, a Q&A session and post event presentation literature.


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